All our Wendy Houses are wax oil treated, and Log Homes from 20 square meters are silk wood treated.3MX3M LOG CABIN TREATED WITH WAXOIL

We manufacture to a 2m minimum height and 2.7m maximum pitch height on Wendy Houses. Log Homes of more than 20 square meters are built according to customer specifications.

All Wendy Houses come with a wooden floor elevated on bricks unless specified. Extra costs are charged for a stilted base and concrete slabs.

The customer must supply bricks specified according to Wendy House size.

All Wendy Houses are supplied with a corrugated iron roof. Other rooves are optional on extra charge.

One 500mm x 600mm wooden window is included on all Wendy Houses of less than 12 square meters, and there is an extra cost for bigger windows.

Prices include delivery within a 100 km radius of Montana, Pretoria.



All our jobs carry a five year warranty.Laughing

We cover a leaking roof, and breakages as a result of bad workmanship.

Natural disasters are not covered, but repairs can be done at extra cost.

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